Blockchain technology is an important component of the new cross-platform technology architecture that promises an innovative environment for HR technology. CET helps clients understand the massive benefits it will deliver as it eliminates data redundancy, facilitates integration and provides a unified platform for strategic value.

The new cross-platform HR technology computing environment is Tri-Modal:

Mode 1: Mainframe or SaaS Legacy Systems

Mode 2: Digital Platforms

Mode 3: Blockchain Technology

Competitive Edge Technology is the only independent HR technology consulting company with the knowledge, experience and methodology to help clients successfully select and implement the right integrated solution for their business today and develop a strategy that will position them for tomorrow's world.

Supporting Ecosystem

CET provide an Apps Store and Code Store designed for plug-in component applications built for the new HR environment

CET provides clients with an online tool to define their needs down to data level, if necessary

CET install a data management platform for their administrator to track and register data sources

CET install a fully operational digital platform from a Low Code platform provider to act as a central data repository and ongoing unified database, or to act as prototype to custom develop their final solution.

CET, or partners, help clients map and integrate their data from all the data sources identified using their unique metadata registry platform.

CET are leaders in applying the latest innovative technology to the HR business practice to deliver competitive advantage for their clients, through lowest cost of ownership and highest return on investment.

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