The Competitive Edge Technology Pty Ltd Company

CET is a consulting company specializing in human resource software specification and selection
Incorporated in 1994 CET has assisted clients to find the right solution to improve processes and reduce the cost of technology ownership throughout Australia, Asia and the USA.
CET has always advocated component-based software assembly and has led the way in defining standards and promoting the technique as a means of eliminating the functional gap.
CET is the registered owner, or copyright holder, of:
CET holds the Intellectual Property and copyright for the Human Resource Component Software Application Standard published in 2005 to create a common application framework and database design for component software development.
HR Strategizer is a business simulation and experiential learning tool to help HR professionals develop their strategic planning and response to HR issues capability.

HR Cloud Solutions is the physical implementation of the HR-CSAS standard via the HCM Mashup Builder.

HR Cloud Solutions use the same technology tools and ecosystem as CET and will become an independent entity at some stage.



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