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In 2019 CET will be hosting the first global HR blockchain network. Initially, Australian companies that meet the Governance Committee criteria will be invited to join the network and transition employee data to the blockchain. Competitive Edge Technology (CET) will provide the platform.

CET help companies transition employee private and professional data to the CET blockchain and grant data ownership to the individual




Eligible registered Australian companies will be contacted during 2019 and invited to join a private HR BLOCKCHAIN CONSORTIUM to transition and secure their employee private records to the blockchain. If you are unsure if your company is eligible please contact


Transition License Options

CET provides consulting services to assist clients transition their data, if required


1 Free data transition No software license needed to transition data
Employee only can access and maintain data
API connectivity for HR legacy systems if CET partner
Update using CSV standardised format
Some data cleansing and alignment may be necessary
2 Basic integration platform Annual limited license needed
Two-way integration with blockchain
Company admin license(POA)
Employee and basic organisation data
Can be used as simple HR system for data recording and reporting.
3 Extended integration and functionality platform Annual license required for data transition and use of extended functionality platform Company admin license (POA)
Consulting services for profile set up and proposed use of functional components from CET.
Special WGEA semi-automation application to slash time to submit annual report
Can be used as application framework for plug in products and reporting capability.


NOTE: The CET data transition service is only available to Australian registered comapnies,at this stage

A New Generation of HR Technology in 2019

As individuals take ownership of their data on the blockchain side during 2019, expect to see a new integrated generation of HR technology emerge and an HR Apps Store for company side business plug in applications.

CET has developed a standardised catalogue for interchangeable components and a Code Store to support custom development where a suitable off-the-shelf component is not available.

Every business is different and every HR practice is implemented in a slightly different way. CET believes every company needs the right technology component to support the business and no one is better qualified to make the component choice than the HR person or line manager responsible for the successful implementation of the business practice.  

About Blockchain


Competitive Edge Technology is the world leader in bringing blockchain technology to the HR community

Blockchain is not a product - is it an architecture. To be successful blockchain must deliver three essential features. Standardisation, integration and trust.


CET has a background of participation in standards development, understands the need for data standardisation and is actively promoting international blockchain standardisation efforts.


CET developed the first HR database on the Lightning platform that integrates with the IBM hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform. Data is extracted from current HR legacy systems, cleansed and then transferred to the blockchain environment using CET's patented process. CET provides the blockchain administrative services to companies to on-board and maintain HR data ready to pass ownership to employees or members of the company's workforce. For more information contact

During 2019 CET will be inviting HR software suppliers to join the HR Blockchain Integration Consortium and develop a version of their product for the multi-platform environment. Once data standards have been published products will be able to go direct to the CET blockchain via API gateways. In the meantime, products can integrate with the CET Salesforce integration object for data synchronisation with the blockchain. For more information contact

During 2019 CET will be working with organisations wishing to build a connecting blockchain network to support their new digital business model. Partners involved in data verification and claims validation are encouraged to build their networks from the ground up to connect with CET's founding network. For more information contact

CET is working with world leaders in blockchain technology to deliver the best outcome to the HR community.


The ultra-secure capabilities of blockchain technology are well known. The Trusted Global Network for HR data is built on a permissioned blockchain and membership is by invitation only. CET is forming a Governance Committee to oversee the design of membership rules and ensure the integrity, ethics and data privacy principles applied to membership rules.

Data on the company side is subject to country regulations, including GDPR for the European workforce. security is industry best practice and the new Salesforce Shield technology is aligned to the encryption and key controls that blockchain technology has built its reputation on.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Blockchain technology for HR will never happen if we wait for every employee to load their own data. There are varying skill levels, technology access and available time. To make blockchain a reality personal data must be loaded into the blockchain by the company, on the employee's behalf, and then ownership transferred to the employee. They will have the ongoing control over who sees what data and when they move to another employer they simply open access through their controls to their new employer. But that will not happen unless data is pre-loaded for the individual from currently held HR databases. CET provides the enabling technology and data transition service to accelerate progress and prepare the companies and their workforce for the new blockchain economy.

NOTE: Keep in mind, when an employee joins a company now, and fills in an application form, they do not ask "what HR system is my data going to be loaded into?". Most employees would not know, or even care, what systems are used to store their personal data. So, blockchain is not a departure from current practices: It is simply a step in digital transformation that will impact almost every area of our life in the future.

For developers, software companies, employers, and potential investors, please contact CET at for more information on how to become involved in this new and exciting journey.
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