CET delivers services for the new HR digital environment centred around an HR Digital Platform.

Implementing an HR Digital Platform does not mean replacing your current HRMS product: The platform supplements existing technology and enables new development opportunities.

The success of an open platform environment is dependent on open standards for database and application design: CET created and maintain HR-CSAS

CET Services Includes help for:

Platform creation (vendors)

Platform & component selection (clients)

Back-end integration

Create strategic platforms

Create compliance platform

Create workforce application

Create global reporting platform


CET helps Platform Providers
CET works with platform providers to create an HR-CSAS standardised database and application development environment, that includes an application framework and pre-built components, to give the business community a choice of platform products.
CET helps clients select the right HR Digital Platform & components

CET use two methods to determine the best platform and component mix for clients:

1) The FUNCTIONAL approach: Clients specify function, process and data needs down to three levels. Results are then used to:

a) Match requirements to component product capability and determine best fit

b) Use the output as a component assembly map and construct the solution on an application framework platform

2) The DATA DRIVEN approach: Clients specify their information needs and CET construct the data that is required to produce the information and the underlying transactions and processes that need to be put in place to maintain the data.

CET use the latest online applications and product database to match client requirements with the right platform provider. More information ...

CET helps clients integrate back-end legacy systems
CET work with suppliers of specialist integration products to map back-end legacy system data to the digital platform database, based on client specified data and component requirements.
CET helps clients to create a strategic platform
CET works with clients to identify data needs, HR metrics required, and analysis to be performed to deliver to company management the right material to make informed strategic decisions. When required, CET works with client teams to transfer knowledge and conduct workshops, using business simulation tools, to support experiential learning. More information ..
CET helps clients submit workforce compliance information
CET works with clients to identify reporting needs and create a special object, containing compliance data, that can be accessed by data harvesting tools through a secure gateway to save weeks of work each reporting cycle.
CET helps clients create a custom database for the "gig economy"
CET understands the growing trend towards a workforce made up of non-employees will require new features to locate and manage the right resource for the company at the right time. CET can help clients build custom solutions that can be modified and extended as changing needs arise. Companies that make the technology transition fastest will gain a competitive edge through reduced costs and quality output.
CET helps clients satisfy corporate reporting needs
CET understands the global environment and need for centralised global reporting. All data is not corporate data and CET helps clients identify and build local database solutions and make available a subset for corporate reporting.

CET is in a unique position to support HR digital platforms and data management services by maintaining a copyright HR application and data standard that forms the foundation layer for the metadata, component marketplace and ecosystem used by communities of developers, business users and associated service providers.

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