CET works with clients to identify data needs, HR metrics required, and analysis to be performed to deliver to company management the right material to make informed strategic decisions. When required, CET works with client teams to transfer knowledge and conduct workshops, using business simulation tools, to support experiential learning.




For more information about the status of strategic HR practices see "HR will never be strategic" on the blog page.

John Macy is CET's Trusted Adviser for clients in all strategic advice assignments. During his period with Qantas Airways John accompanied the Director of Human Resources at Executive Meetings and Chairman briefings during Qantas's acquisition and privatisation phases. HR information was critical during this period, as well as during highly sensitive Enterprise Bargaining negotiations in the 1990s. He brings this experience, along with subsequent assignments working with CEOs and CHROs at numerous companies worldwide.

John knows what it means to occupy a "seat at the table" and the responsibilities it brings. Clients must be prepared before they take their seat and have information at hand. CET helps make their experience successful by creating accurate data from reliable and consistent sources and recreating the same information for further analysis, if required.


See HR Gamification in the Slide Share below for more information about the experiential learning and business simulation technique used by CET.


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